Susie Bennett Meets TheTinMen

November 4, 2021

I’ve always been cynical of the general conversation of men’s mental health, particularly of its ability to limit men’s struggles to internal problems, to be solved through a simple change of male mindset.

Because there’s more to men’s mental health, and the epidemic of male suicide, than being unable to talk, or to cry.

Whilst simplistic hashtags of #toxicmasculinity obscure better understandings, to instead destabilise and divide conversation into what becomes – as it always does – a highly politicised gender war.

So when I was contacted by @susie_research, a PhD researcher who wanted to better understand the multivariate factors of male suicide, from a data driven point of view, I immediately responded “YES”.

And with your help, we did exactly that.

We helped gather the data, testimony and experiences of thousands of men from across the world, and now she’s back, to share the preliminary findings of what she and her team have learned.

Susie will be joining me *tomorrow* for episode three of @thetinmen podcast, and I’d like to ask you guys for questions too.

What do you want to know?

Image by – Ben Sweet from Unsplash


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