STEM: The Right Kind Of Sexism

November 24, 2021

There’s a strange phenomenon going on, where certain kinds of sexism, are not only ignored, but openly celebrated.

One such instance was seen in 2015, when two researchers discovered that American female associate professorship candidates, were twice as likely to be chosen over *equally qualified males*.

So was such a bias addressed? Was there outrage on campus? Was it the subject of de-affirmative action?

No, absolutely not – for this is the dogmatic, patriarchy smashing kind of sexism we’re seemingly striving for.

In fact, it was announced as a major win, as good news for women, and a great time for them to enter the sciences – at the expensive of equally qualified men, of course.

On the other side of the coin – the careers of men are subdued by equitable hiring policies, or savaged by automation and industry 4.0.

Whatever it is, the employment of men is dropping, whilst boys continue their slow thirty-year descent in educational attainment; in all areas, at all age groups and in just about every western country.

Unfortunately there’s no love for them, the patriarchal overlords naturally did this to themselves, and as such, sexism against boys and men simply cannot exist.

But it does exist, as does people’s stupidity.

Let’s find out more:

The Study
Washington Post Article on Study

[1] The Atlantic
[2] The Guardian
[3] The BBC

Images by ian-stauffer, ambreen-hasan and thor-alvis from Unsplash


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