Square One

October 31, 2021

Whenever I see the success of other movements, despite my happiness for them, I won’t deny that I also feel frustrated (and even little envious) at the lack of progress for men and boys.

I hear a voice that finds success, marching in their millions; growing in volume, to reach more people, and to spread more awareness than ever.

But men, their voice is often robbed, vilified, shouted down or mocked.

And I agree stretch marks are beautiful, and body hair a natural part of women’s beauty, but right now in the UK, men can’t even get fully recognised as survivors of rape or domestic violence.

These are big, important, life changing issues.

And no it’s not a competition, which is good, because if it were we’d be at the starting line.

I just wish we could look at our priorities; because we all deserve compassion, regardless of gender, and we’re not getting it equally.

Honestly, sometimes it feels like I’m endlessly throwing pebbles into a torrential river, trying to change the immovablee course of public opinion.

So, where do we go from here?

Sexual Offences Act: https://tinyurl.com/yke36dpe
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Workplace Death gap: tinyurl.com/yb3usqt8
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Homeslessness Gap: https://tinyurl.com/xuu6u5w3
Abuse Refuge Gap: tinyurl.com/y5cv8y4j
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Alcohol Abuse Gap tinyurl.com/y35q8ok2
Suicide Gap: tinyurl.com/y8v4xjh4
Incarceration Gap: tinyurl.com/jybwnfo
Detained Children Gap tinyurl.com/yx9exy9n
Violent Crime Gap tinyurl.com/y3zjamck
Degree Gap tinyurl.com/y42ws6d3
Sentencing Gap tinyurl.com/hyq67zs
Military Death Gap tinyurl.com/y497snc5
Custody Gap tinyurl.com/y2nrzclh


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