Soft Power & The Henpecked Husband

June 10, 2022

In the discussion of power, we all too often speak about money, political influence and wealth.

We point to the top of the pyramid, to the stratospheric apex, and yell at the men who are perched their.

But ‘power’ is multifaceted, idiosyncratic and entirely subjective, as most men are *not* billionaire CEO’s, political leaders or reining monarchs.

And it’s unfair to judge an entire group, by the lives of a tiny sub strata of hyper-successful men.

In the everyday lives of us non-billionaires, power is deciding what to do on weekends, where to shop, when to see friends, who’s coming for dinner, what you’re watching on tv, where you’re going on holiday, and who gets the kids.

And often in relationships this power is held by women.

We call it ‘soft power’, and unlike hard power, it rarely gets a mention within the conversation of power dynamics.

So should it?

What is power to you? And who has it?

Study 1 – 3:

Images by Virginia Long, Adam W, Julian Gentile, Rowan Heuvel, from Unsplash.


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