An Honest Question: What Would You Do? – Sexual Offences Act

December 11, 2020

🚨 TW- descriptions of sexual violence and rape.

Did you know that in many countries, it is impossible for a woman to found guilty of rape? It’s hard to believe, but it’s very true and has led to hundreds of thousands of victims being sidelined or ignored completely.

Huge progress has been made within gender neutrality and widening inclusion, so why are we not updating our definition of rape too?

Why are we not recognising male, lesbian, trans and non binary victims, alongside women?

Let’s see how we’d feel if things were reversed..


Photography by Eunice Stahl, Tony Mucci, Guillaume Techer, Giammarco Boscaro, Tingey Injury Law Film, Sebastian Pichler
#sexualviolence #rapeawareness #rapeculture #rapesurvivor #metoo #feminism #feminist #egalitarian #egalitarianism


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