Selective Compassion – The Unpopular Other Half

December 30, 2021

It’s advocacy for all, not just those most convenient to your world view.

It’s all survivors, all pain, all suffering and all trauma, regardless of gender, and no matter how few.

All are equally valid, no matter who you are.

And yet sadly, those who claim to advocate for survivors of abuse, or victims of violent crime, too often ignore a large portion of those affected.

Well, I’m here to say if you don’t care for men, then you don’t really care about survivors at all.

Let’s see the full picture and advocate compassion, not ignorance or ideology.

Let’s treat the issue, not the gender.

Domestic Abuse
Stranger violence
Sexual Violence

Images – Toa Heftiba, Jakob Owens, Todd Diemer, Jon Tyson and Maxim Hopman from Unsplash.

Illustrations by Alice Noir of The Noun Project


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