Rule Breaker

July 20, 2021

The suppression of women throughout history is beyond doubt.

Just flick through the history books, and the heartbreaking blank pages of women tells you everything you need to know.

One of my issues with patriarchy as a theory, is that yes it correctly highlights this suppression of women throughout time,

but it fails to acknowledge the flip side of male disposability – and all the pain, suffering and death that those pages were often written open.

I’m not going to make this same mistake.

So this new content thread will shine a light onto history’s forgotten XX chromosomes; the brave, brilliant, and charismatic women who lit up the world and tore apart the rulebooks, yet whose story often remains lost, forgotten and never known.

So let’s start with @rubybridgesofficial - a little girl too young to be so brave.

An icon of resilience, who went to school, to teach the world a lesson.


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