The Right To Choose ~ Reproductive Rights For Men

December 14, 2021

Choice. That’s what it’s all about.

And when it comes to the question of: ‘do you want to be a parent?’ It’s a choice we don’t afford equally to women and men.

With women’s choice, they have access to the morning after pill, abortion and even safe haven laws, allowing them to legally surrender a child up to two days after birth, with no questions asked.

This system of reproductive choice is designed to meet women’s needs.

Because men don’t have these options, or alternatives, and after pregnancy, they have no choice on whether they become a parent, or not.

Yes. You’d be right to say he should have exercised that choice through safe sex, but remember, consenting to sex is not consenting to parenthood.

Those aren’t my words.

They are ones you’ll find immortalised on placards held aloft the heads of women’s right advocates, or chissled into the very bedrock of second wave feminism.

So can equal choice be given to men?

And will these rights help us find committed fathers?

Let’s talk about men’s *hypothetical* right to a paper abortion.



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