Recruit From Jails Are So Bloody Good

August 7, 2021

I’ve always loved Timpson, on a few occasions they’ve done a quick fix on a watch and refused payment, instead asking me to just put some money in the charity jar.

So it’s no surprise that it’s a company run by this wonderful man, James Timpson.

A Chief Executive who’s rehabilitated over one thousand five hundred ex-prisoners through gainful employment.

Not out of charity, or even out of goodness, but because he rightly believes these people are highly valuable, have a lot to offer, are driven and are an asset to his company, or any other.

It’s for this reason that James follows Mary Curnock Cook and Earl Silverman as the third recipient of my Tin Heart Award <3

Thank you #JamesTimpson

Illustrations by Valeriy and Calvin Goodman from the Noun Project
Images by Luigi Estuye form Unsplash



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