Real Discussion About Violent Crime

February 4, 2022

More stories of men’s violence against women are back in the news.

So too I am beginning to see the low effort memes, the LOUD insta-stories, the grandstanding, and the ‘educational’ posts for men to seemingly gather around, and scratch their heads over like a bunch of primates.

“Oh I never knew sexual abuse was bad, thanks, problem solved!”

It’s in these times that I’m often told to educate my male friends - but honestly - I have never seen a single friend of mine catcall, or sexually harass a woman in my entire life.

But it won’t stop me being compared to any number of rabid dogs, blood sucking ticks, sharks, killer bees, faeces, guns loaded with bullets or poisonous snakes.

So before we go around the maddening merry-go-round maelstrom of fingers-in-ears yelling – I want to genuinely ask, how do we actually talk about violent crime, why men partake in it, and what are the underlying causes?

Can we have a better conversation @thetinmen?

How did we get here?

How do we undo and mitigate violence for *everyone* and to all our benefits?

Can we have a useful conversation, for all people, right here?

What do you think?

What causes violence?

Image by diana-polekhina from Unsplash


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