Prisoners & Brain Injuries

March 28, 2021

Look past the gender war, see through the hate, beyond the ‘man’, and often you’ll see a victim standing there too.

We need to understand the root causes of violence. And we’ve discussed many of them here already – child abuse, fatherlessness and now it’s time to look at head injuries, and their under researched correlation with violent crime later in life.

Because it’s not about making others ‘feel’ safe, it’s about understanding what’s going on in our world, so we can start to make the changes so we’re all *actually* safe.

So please put down your metaphors comparing men to poisoned sweets, to guns loaded with one bullet, to blood sucking ticks and to sharks, snakes, leeches and rabid dogs, and be part of a grown up and solution based discussion.

This isn’t about you. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about women or men, or anyone else in between. It’s about all of us, working together, to make the world better.

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Images by David Matos, Xiao Cui, National Cancer Institute, Timothy Dykes and David Clod


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