August 19, 2021

Nobody is beyond reproach. Not me, not you, not anybody, or anything.

So why does the most fundamental theory of sexism too often go unexamined and unchallenged?

Patriarchy – a theory that often doesn’t quite fit or line up with reality, and one that “backfires” to burn the fingers of those it’s supposed to advantage.

And yet we bend over backward, backflip and somersault with our “yes but”, “maybe” and “however”, to contort the theory into strange and nonsensical new shapes, just so it kinda fits, but really still doesn’t.

Because the Patriarchy as a theory, doesn’t explain why boys are so far behind in western schools and remain ignored, why men remain the primary victim of violent crime and are ignored, why male survivors of partner abuse are erased, why fathers lack equal rights and why there’s virtually no governmental departments or committees to support men and boys in any of these issues – despite there being countless for women and girls.

You know if my shoes didn’t fit as often as patriarchy does, I’d throw them in the bin. 👟

Images by Andy Holmes, Wolfgang Hassellman, Pawan Sharma, Hang Niu, Chandler Cruttenden of Unsplash

Source, The Children Act 1989

Illustration by – Thengakola of the Noun Project


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