Original Sin – Are Men Born Guilty?

June 7, 2022

For many, the experience of being a man, is to be born guilty. It is to be avoided and feared, glared upon and whispered about.

It is to have others cross the road when they see you, to have handbags clutched, or be hurried past at the park.

It doesn’t matter who you are on the inside. For many, a father quietly watching his children is seen as a paedophile, a man walking home from work at night, a predator.

If #justiceforjohnny has taught us anything, it’s that no matter the proof or testimony, no matter the verdict or sentence, even the most powerful men in the world cannot escape the accusatory finger of the media or general public.

But what about those in prison?

Might our warped perspectives of innate male guilt, have found their way into the very heart of the judicial system?

Do men and women really get a fair trial, or pay the same price for their crimes?

Well, let’s find out…

MOJ Study https://tinyurl.com/2p84tcfs

Empathy Gap Write Up https://tinyurl.com/mu342apz

Racial Sentencing Disparity https://tinyurl.com/mrkxzvjf

Gender Sentencing Disparity https://tinyurl.com/4nn85j2n

UK Prison data https://tinyurl.com/dtdnvnxy

Images by Rene Bohmer, Matthew Ansley, Chuttersnap, Camilo Jimenez from Unsplash



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