H.R. 5986: Office Of Men’s Health

March 5, 2022

When it comes to the discussion of men’s issues, it really does feel like an endless stream of bad news… but not today.

Today I wanted to share with you remarkable progress in the fight for equal representation and compassion for men’s health, as we rightly show for women’s.

Because, despite what you may have been told, men’s health is a massively neglected issue within politics, funding, media and general discussion.

Men are more burdened by ill health in life, have higher mortality rates in every age category, are more impacted by cancer and heart disease, die by suicide at nearly 4 times the rate as women, and live shorter lives in every country in the world.

Yet none of the four (!) Offices for Women’s Health in America, currently exist for men (patriarchy backfired etc).

It seems the world is perfectly comfortable to idly stand by, as the health and happiness of our men and boys continues on its downward trajectory – but in America this may be about change…

As a Bill has been submitted that proposes, finally, the creation of the Office of Men’s Health, to be part of the Department of Health and Human Services.

If passed, it will be designed to better understand what’s going on with men; it will build a database of best pratices, coordinate public awareness education and screening programs, promote activites, work with veterans, and try to understand why so many American men underutilise health services.

It’s early, but it’s progress – and good news.

It is real, brave and meaningful advoacy, not just tears and kind words, but actual political will, funding and change.

So who will really stand for men too?

Who will be talking about this?

So read the Bill for yourself, and please, if you’re an American who cares for men and boys, write to your representative to demand its support.

The Bill 👉 https://tinyurl.com/95wvj9up


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