No Room For Men – British Columbia

January 5, 2022

There are no refuges for abused men in the UK, there’s one in all of America and none in Canada.

Speaking of male survivors in Canada, Mayor Leonard Krog has recently put his head above the parapet to admit an obvious yet controversial truth of male victimhood–

“I have no desire to be involved in a discussion about what the statistics show, but it does exist. And, if it exists, then surely government has a responsibility to fund shelters for men and their children who are fleeing domestic violence.”

So the District of British Columbia have responded, with a 734 million dollar investment to build thousands of new housing spaces for those leaving violent homes.

Can you guess who they’re for?

Full article here –
[1] Meta analysis commentary, Don Dutton –

Images by Jake Hills and Matt Wang, from Unsplash.


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