Podcast: No Easy Answers with Susan Bennett

December 17, 2021

The limitations around the discussion of male suicide have always been a source of deep frustration for me.

I find that often men’s experiences are one dimensional and cartoon like, with simplistic caricatures of masculinity drawn up that suggest the problems men experience are in their own heads.

Apparently these issues are self inflicted and can be solved through a mere change of problematic male mindset.

‘Men need to change themselves’ we say.

Quite rightly we encourage men to talk, but as a society, we really do very little to listen to what they are telling us.

Waving away tales of abuse, trauma, parental alienation, unemployment, childhood bullying and addiction.

Instead we replace these very real societal causes of distress, with hashtags of #toxicmasculinity.

It’s not good enough.

And these frustrations have led me to partner with Susie Bennett, a PhD researcher at the Suicidal Behavior Research Laboratory to find us better answers.

Together (with you guys included) this year we helped Susie capture the stories and experiences of thousands of men from eighty countries worldwide.

So as Susie and her team work through this incredible new data set, I spoke with her to get some insights into what she’s learnt so far.

Part one of the podcast is available now – Link in bio!

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Music: Art of Silence by Uniq


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