No Movement Has A Monopoly On Gender Equality

December 8, 2021

No movement has a monopoly on gender equality, and we are all free to explore new paths to getting there.

So copy, transform and combine the ideas of others; question what you think doesn’t fit, or feel right, or what is harmful. Form your own nuanced set of ideas, strategies and ambitions.

This is *your* journey, not theirs, or mine.

But so too, always remember, we are all trying to get to the same destination. Equality of the sexes. 🏔

We are all climbing the same slippery slope to reach the same misty summit, albeit from different sides.

So don’t throw rocks at each other. Don’t shout obscenities. Don’t shove each other back down the slope… share your sandwiches, exchange stories, show others what shortcuts you’ve found.

Because we likely have a lot more in common than you think.

So what path are you on?

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Images by alessio-soggetti and I, from Unsplash


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