Monolithic Tyrannical Oppressor Class

January 1, 2022

Fear mongering around men is not a harmless thing, that is without real world consequence.

For one, it impacts homelessness.

With these vulnerable men more often seen as dangerous and addicted criminals, or predators, to be left on the streets and kept at a distance.

But the reality is that these men need help too, and are largely only dangerous to themselves.

Let’s take a look at how blanket assertions of men being toxic, or dangerous, or powerful, or violent can have a detrimental impact to homeless men being helped in America.

Let’s look at the sad and needlessly controversial story of New York’s College Point Shelter.


National Alliance to End Homelessness –
College Point Shelter, more info -

Images by – Daniel Van Den Berg, John Moeses, Jorg Karg and Matt Collamer from Unsplash.


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