Misogyny Misandry

January 19, 2022

The painful irony is that the generalisations that hurt men and women are often polar opposites of the same stereotype.

Some will say ‘women are all gold diggers’, whilst others will value men for their success and money.

Many believe women are incompetent at work, whilst an equal amount will see men as incompetent at home.

Men, well they spend their life deprived of positive attention. Whilst women have it shouted at them by strangers from car windows.

You know, if we were actually better at talking and understanding one another, we could figure out a way of rebalancing this asymmetrical bullshit, and find a way to meet in the middle.

Goodness, how many political issues could be solved by doing that?

Meeting in the middle.

If we could, perhaps the women who are fighting for pay rises at work, could find sympathy with the exhausted men working 60 hour weeks, desperate to come home?

Maybe if we stopped calling men pigs, and dogs, and slobs, and beasts, we wouldn’t so easily limit women to being angelic saints, infants, oracles, and vacuous figments of beauty and innocence, without independent thought or agency.

Dividing the two is the mirrored surface of agency - the capacity for an individual to make independent choices.

Women’s agency is often limited and men’s exaggerated.

Is this just another unhelpful generalisation?


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Image by zoltan-tasi


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