Men’s Issues: Unequal Representation

February 19, 2022

What kind of patriarchy forms four separate Government agencies for Women’s Health, and none for men?

What kind of ‘culture of male dominance’ indexes more than 60 journals focusing on women’s health in their National Library of Medicine, and just 6 for men?

What kind of ‘male centric health system’, spends the last fifty years publishing nearly ten times more research on women’s health, than it does on mens?

Or observes nine separate days for women’s issues, and one (at a push) for men.

Such a patriarchal system, if it does exist, is clearly incompetent and dysfunctional.

This tyrannical system, I hear so much about from the social media feeds of outraged sex-toy-slinging SJWs – but I don’t see it borne out in the facts?

And it’s not like men are advantaged in health already, and therefore don’t need our help.

Because remember – ‘Men die younger than women, and they are more burdened by illness during life. They fall ill at a younger age and have more chronic illnesses than women.’

But who cares, that’s only from Harvard Medical School (, because I heard the opposite, shouted at me by some blue haired yuppie on Instagram just now.

And of course – we do not solve this problem by closing down the 4 US Gov. departments for Women’s Health, or by tearing up the many journals and research that has benefitted them.

We do not drag women down, to lift men up.

We solve the problem by showing the same compassion and diligence for men’s health, by doing our own research and exposing the distorted reality presented to us by entitled social media acolytes.

We solve it by demanding actual observable and factually accurate advocacy, regardless of how uncomfortable it is to read, or how unpopular it makes us.

Can we start doing that right now?

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