Guess What… Men Couldn’t Vote Either.

January 19, 2021

How people don’t already know this, is very much the point.

Since the beginning of democracy, the vast majority of British men couldn’t vote either. So please stop saying they could.

Only a small number of men could vote. That is the truth and it all changed 100 years ago. So, in the UK, how long were *all men* able to vote, when *all women weren’t?*

It was 10 years. All men (and most women) won the vote in 1918 and then all women won the same full legal rights to vote in 1928.

They’re the facts, so write them down.

This is part of a great blog called The Empathy Gap, that unearths information and blasts apart a lot of the myths that plague our debate on gender, I recommend reading the full article here!

Image by Marc Sendra Martorell

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