A New Agenda For Male Suicide

December 18, 2021

We need to rewrite the agenda on male suicide research.

Those who follow me will know that I am pretty cynical of the conversation that continues to revolve around the issue.

Particularly the conversation that labels men struggling with suicidal ideation as ‘toxic’, or blames their pain on some warped idea of privilege, or suggests these feelings are self inflicted and men need only change their mindset to be free of their suffering.

(Such a concept is called ‘victim blaming’.)

And whilst this conversation asks to men talk, it rarely listens to what they have to say.

Becoming a one way conversation that doesn’t acknowledge the societal, political, financial and institutional issues that shape men’s distress, which we all play a part in, and instead reduces the male experience to a mere caricature or hashtag.

Call me radical, but I believe in the same way that the conversation of women’s reproductive rights should not be led by men, the conversation of male suicide should not be dictated or gate kept by feminism, or those not directly impacted.

The conversation should, and can only be lead by the men and boys impacted, and the families and friends bereaved. They are our eternal point of reference, for now and always.

With that in mind, I’m proud to be collaborating again with PhD researcher Susie Bennett from the Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab, to invite men over 18, who are personally impacted by suicidal thoughts, feelings or attempts, as well as the loved ones bereaved by suicide, to take their place in leading the conversation of what happens next.

What research questions do you want answered?
What issues matter to you?
What do you want to know?
Where should we go next?

Will you help us write the first agenda on male suicide research?

Please complete the *confidential* survey – Link in bio!

Also this is global survey, so people anywhere can submit 🌎

Or go here – suicideresearch.co.uk/research-agenda/ 👈👈

Images by – Lachlan Dempsey, Albert Vincent, Andrew Neel, Jackson David, Lachlan Dempsey, and Redd from Unsplash

#mensmentalhealth #malesuicideawareness


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