Male Contraception ~ Reproductive Rights For Men

December 12, 2021

Reproductive rights are all about increasing individual autonomy and control, and where better to start than with contraception?

Above all - It’s really all about choice, of when or if, an individual becomes a parent.

With 10.4% of US men and 8.6% of US women having had this right taken away from them – it’s an issue that affects millions.

And whilst we’ve seen a plethora of good and bad contraceptive choices emerge over the last half century for women, there are still very few modern options for male contraception.

The burden of pregnancy is paid by women, but it makes a lot of sense to develop and encourage the use of male contraception too.

So what does that look like to you?

NISVS, 2010: Reproductive control stats:

YouGov Male Pill Survey

Images by – JP Valery and the Reproductive Health Supplies- Coalition, on Unsplash.


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