Life Is Not A Game

June 13, 2021

Life does’t have cheat codes, there are no walk throughs, or hidden short cuts in the mountainside.

Often there isn’t even a solution – as much as the kind platitudes of instagram pretend there may well be.

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes it’s meant to.

Sometimes the solution is forgiving yourself, accepting it wasn’t your time, and starting again.

The same can be said for truth, which too is not a binary thing.

Truth is not a destination, but a journey.

An abstract and blurry form, we can only seek in a vague meandering of thought and open mindedness – with our arms out stretched and eyes wide open.

Here we must be continually bending our path, or updating our ideas and changing our minds.

So when did you last change yours?

Illustrations by mameya, Jason D. Rowley, Rohith MS and Atacan from The Noun Project.


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