Just Be You

May 9, 2022

I’ve always found it difficult to ‘identify’ by my political beliefs, as the older I get, the more my beliefs get jumbled, ideas mixed up, and the labels I once wore, no longer seem to stick.

I want a bit of this, and a bit of that. I want ‘both’ not ‘either’. I want to transform, combine and challenge the ideas of others – to meet with my foes, and fight with my friends.

I want a constantly evolving and tailored set of beliefs, not an off-the-rack set of catch phrases.

To meet in the middle, to embrace uncertainty.

I want the freedom to be wrong, without the upheaval of everything else that I’ve done right.

No. I cannot hit a home run with every swing, nobody can - I just want to leave the conversation better than I found it.

I want to be defined and judged for who I am and what I’ve done; not by others who look like me.

I want to define myself by who I am. Not as a feminist, an MRA or egalitarian, as left, or right, liberal or conservative.

The label I want is ‘George’.

And I wish more people would do the same. To identify as ourselves, not as others or as groups.

So what do you call yourself?

Images by Kendrick Fernandez, Fleur-E and Adam Wilson from Unsplash


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