It’s All In Your Head

May 30, 2021

The current conversation around men’s mental health and male suicide is really disappointing.

It’s plagued with victim blaming rhetoric, lazy assumptions, narrow minded perspectives and – with no sense of irony – gender stereotypes.

Meanwhile, the APA descends further into non scientific, ideological doctrine, citing ‘patriarchy’ to further blame men and boys for their own suffering.

Let’s be real...

The causes of men’s failing mental health are not self inflicted; they are real, they are societal and they are systemic.

So what can we do to responsibly discuss men’s mental health going forward; in a way that is data driven, research orientated, and that validates men, rather than vilifies them?

We’re supporting a study to give us better answers to the epidemic of male suicide. And will be discussing the results in a future podcast later this year.

Beyond Masculinity -
Causes of male suicide -

Illustration by Ker’is


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