Is This Hypocrisy?

January 11, 2021

Although society does talk about men’s issues, has it only become a tool to further attack them with?

When a woman expresses issues that affect her, we rightly think of ways in which we can change, adapt and reinvent society to help support her – more funding, more provision of care, more research and new laws and regulations to try and a keep her safe.

But when men express their own issues - even if they’re the exact same ones as women have - we seem to think a simple change of men’s mind set is the answer.

We don’t fund targeted research, or discuss them in Government, we don’t form societies, committees or departments to discuss the problems they face, or legislate to help solve them.

Have we been doing this all wrong?

Illustration by Gregor Cresnar and James Cottell.

#egalitarian #egalitarianism #feminism #feminist #menaregood #mensrights #equality #sexism #toxicmasculinty #positivemasculinity #genderfluid


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