Is This Democracy? How The Narrative Gets Controlled

June 8, 2022

The internet can be a wonderful thing, closer than any other medium of achieving actual true democracy.

Here, for better or worse, everyone has a voice.

Here we can all stand on a soapbox, of our own design, and say what we think.

And so, the internet cannot be easily tamed, controlled, tampered with, or turned off – but that doesn’t stop some people giving it a go anyway.

@ausreset are the latest organisation to do try, bravely fighting against the ghoulish ‘manosophere’ that is allegedly corrupting the brains of our boys.

Their latest study is titled: ‘Algorithms as a weapon against women: How YouTube lures boys and young men into the manosophere’.

What an exciting and alluring title indeed…scary even.

So what are these villainous videos? The ‘feminist take downs’ the lively debates, the facts, evidence and video essays, that go against the dogma and mainstream mindset.

At its helm is the savage minotaur himself, Dr Jordan Peterson. Ahhhhhghghgh!

So the truth spills outs, the voices speak up, and none of it, according to Reset Australia, is any good. Dangerous in fact.

So dangerous they are advocating that social media platforms should be providing them with insight into their algorithms, so as to be audited and regulated, to present they content *they* deem appropriate.

In their own words, to ‘redesign how they promote content, so that they align with the feminist futures *we* want to create’.

Somehow they call this democracy.

But democracy according to who?

Read their study here (or don’t, it’s shit).

Sydney Morning Herald

Read their study here (or don’t, it’s shit).

Images by Alexander Andrews and Martin Sanchez from Unsplash.


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