Invisible Privileges Pt. 1

November 22, 2020

Racism against Black American’s is well understood, discussed and advocated for.

Interestingly, men also experience striking similarities in certain areas of societal discrimination and sometimes to an even greater extent.

This post compares the worlds of crime and education, making like for like comparisons to better understand how both men and those of ethnic minorities experience similar levels of discrimination.

Yes, men and Black Americans experience similar disadvantages. I understand this is a wild accusation to make – so the good news is that this post sources no fewer than 30 (!!) academic studies, surveys and meta analysis’s.

Sadly this intersection of sexism and racism within the criminal and educational system, has a doubled impact onto black men, which can be seen in courtrooms, schools, prisons and sadly police brutality victims across the US.

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And here are the sources, as per usual:


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