Petition: Introduce A National Strategy On Intimate Violence Against Men & Boys

December 15, 2020

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We’re frequently asked ‘how can I help?’ Well now you can. To all our UK followers please read, sign and share this petition by The Men and Boys Coalition - it is advocating for the UK Government to adopt a National Strategy on Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys, which we desperately need.

We all know the stories of men and boys who are excluded from the conversation around intimate partner violence. We all know the victims who are laughed at, or left out on the streets. We all know at least one a-list celebratory was denied justice - now we have an opportunity to change it.

To our non UK followers, sadly you cannot sign this, but you can still support by sharing! ❤️

Enough talk, let’s change the narrative around domestic abuse.

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The Petition,
DV Stats, UK
20 Refuge Beds

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