Internal Expectations

September 27, 2021

It’s time to dissolve the idea of this ridiculous monolith of men, and see that privilege is not ubiquitous or exclusive to any one gender.

It is complex, interwoven and finely granulated.

Whilst grouping people together by certain biological characteristics, branding the group as tyrannical and then treating all those within it, by its most visible members, is something done only by children, bigots, racists and maniacs.


Men are at the head of the table, but so too are they disproportionately beneath it.

Hidden in slums and cemeteries, locked in drunk tanks and jail cells, falling into the darkness of compassion, under the rug of understanding, and brushed from headlines, front pages and news feeds of our lives.

They are trodden on by the boots of an ignorant society, that obsesses and salivates, as it cranes its neck to yell at the tiny few at the top.

The reality around them is blatantly obvious –
just because the world is run by men, doesn’t means it’s run for them.

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