The Importance Of Dads

September 21, 2021

If you want me to round off, or rein in my words about how important I think dads are to children’s development, then I won’t.

Fathers are uniquely influential and important to kids, and our epidemic of fatherlessness an often ignored cause of so many issues that plague our society – with our lack of positive male role models clearly associated with homelessness, suicide, violent crime, body dysmorphia, addiction and behavioural issues, especially in boys.

So if we truly care for any of these issues, then we need to hold to account the Member’s of Parliament who have so brazenly been anti men and anti dad, and yet nothing is said.

To quote David Lammy, “The danger is that those same liberals who fought so hard for single mothers now give the impression that fatherlessness does not matter at all.

They insist that it is the quality of parenting that matters, that the loss of a father matters only if it means a loss of income.”

We need dads, we need dads, we need dads.

Source: Study
The Family Way


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