November 8, 2021

Universities used to be the home of critical thinking, spirited debate, heterogeneity and new, exciting ideas.

A place to be intellectually challenged, confronted and uncomfortable.

And yet, so often it has become a hotbed of stupidity, of entitlement, intolerance and an overall inability to have grown up discussion.

Remember, diversity doesn’t just mean diversity of gender, sexuality, race and culture – but also diversity of ideas, opinion, perspectives and politics.

‘The Oxford Manner’ as Oscar Wilde described it, to “play gracefully with ideas”, to listen to and nourish different points of views in a measured, respectful way.

Without this, we arrive at where we are going…
an emerging, fragile and arrogantly self centred culture of brittle brats, who stomp their feet and point their fingers; and who shout and accuse and cancel what they don’t like.

And squashed at the bottom of this dog pile of outrage, is a group that is the worst of them all, goodness, I daren’t even speak their name – men’s rights…

So what happens next?

(Reuploaded with grammatical changes)

Simon Fraser University
Durham University
UK Men’s Officer
University of York
Ottawa University -
Warren Farrell Protest-

Illustration by Prasad from The Noun Project


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