I Am Human

September 24, 2021

It’s strange that the voice that so often denounces the dehumanisation of women, then goes onto place men into a giant, faceless monolith of evilness, often as an opportunity to deny men their pain and suffering.

Who has the power! Who wrote the laws? Who started the wars? This isn’t our fault, its yours! Men did this!

Men, men, men, men, men.

And so individuality, autonomy and humanity is immediately revoked from men, just like that.

But the men sleeping on the street, or dying to suicide, or falling through the cracks of social support, or losing their children in secret courts… they did not do this to themselves.

They are not part of some weird thousand year old evil empire, they are not some strange, mysterious supervillain lurking in the shadows.

They are not the puppet masters of society.

They are real, they are valid and they are human.

And they need our help.

And that’s it.

Illustration by David Khai of the Noun Project


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