How Does Society See Masculinity?

January 12, 2022

Masculinity: the mysterious and difficult to define spirit of men, for which everyone has an opinion.

As we know, the word has found itself at the centre of an increasingly controversial political conversation, often associated or suffixed with ‘toxic’, ‘violence, ‘privilege’, ‘dominance’ or ‘fragility’, to become, for many, a slur to defame men and boys.

The British public when polled, now take a profoundly dim view of the word ‘masculinity’, with which only a tiny number are able to make positive associations – with the words of ‘kindness’, ‘respect’, ‘honesty’ or ‘supportiveness’ long gone.

So might this burgeoning negative talk of men be contributing to the mental health crisis they’re experiencing?

And how do you see masculinity – is there space for a new view of that hard to hear word?

What do you think?

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Images by kilarov-zaneit, nicholas-kwok, joe-han, peri-stojnic, na-inho and lucas-gouvea from Unsplash


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