How Do Men Feel About Abortion?

October 22, 2021

Access to abortion, a central part of women’s reproductive rights, has been a fiercely fought battle for over half a century.

And yes. Men, as they often are, become the archenemy. Accused of invading uteruses, restricting autonomy and penning punitive anti abortion laws from Patriarchy HQ.

It’s a great image, don’t get me wrong. The placards write themselves with short and easy answers. The chanting rhymes and rhythms and repeats.

The provocative t-shirts, mugs and sassy accessories, further disparaging men, fly off shelves.

But is it true?

Are men the problem, yet again?

Well amongst the yelling, fire and brimstone, did anyone even bother to ask the regular men on the street how he feels about reproductive rights?

Maybe it’ll surprise you.

More so – has anyone ever wondered that perhaps this outrageous, aggressive and accusatory tone, just pushes people away?

Maybe it alienates potential allies and distracts from the actual issue itself?

Maybe men aren’t always the enemy, after all?

PS I am a pro choice man myself.


I’ve been asked to add more clarity on the Alabama Abortion Bill.

The list of those who wrote and amended the bill is vast and convoluted.

It was drafted originally by Eric Johnson (M), and then sponsored by Terri Collins (F) and Clyde Chambliss (M).

Terri Collins was a particular advocate, perhaps most associated with the bill, she introduced it and has made it clear she wants to over turn Roe vs Wade.

She was also against an amendment that would allow abortion in the case of incest, proposed by Anthony Daniels (M).

It was also granted a legal challenge by Judge Myron Thompson (M), who gave a preliminary injunction against it – which delayed it from entering into effect.

The bill has been endorsed, amended, sponsored and challenged by men and women alike – that’s the point, it’s more complex than ‘men and their laws’.

And I don’t want this to become a tally contest of which sex did what – the fact is this is not a gender issue, but one of religion and politics.

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