Hopes and Prayers

June 4, 2022

Send them if you like, but hopes and prayers do little to help those in a crisis.

Because best wishes and kind words don’t feed families after a flood. They don’t save homes from forest fires or shelter refugees fleeing conflict.

These problems need action, money, aid, shelter, food, water and medicine.

What use are prayers and good intentions here?

I wonder if we see this same passive in-activisim for men and boys, with the numerous issues they experience being addressed through feel good platitudes such as ‘men can cry!’

The sentiment is good, but it doesn’t mean much to the homeless men starving on the street, the male survivors barred from refuges, or the fathers losing children in family court.

So can we do better?

Is ‘men can cry’ the new ‘sending thoughts and prayers?’

What do you think?


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Images by Drew Beamer, Noaa RX, Yosh Ginsu, Landon Parenteau, Marcelo Leal, Steve Knutson, Philippe Bout, Ashkan Forouzani, Daniele Colucci and Marc Szeglat from Unsplash.

Illustration by Bernd Lakenbrink from the Noun Project


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