Hey. It’s Okay

June 27, 2021

Some of my followers have been in touch about a new voice within the community that tells men to ‘get over your insecurities’ and ‘just be confident’.

And despite all the chest beating and fist bumping that no doubt comes with it, I want to kindly say - no.

The truth is insecurities are real, entrenched and often deeply embedded within society’s toxic expectations of us.

You cannot simply put your foot on the gas and power through them, or not without talking about how you feel, and accepting the realness of your emotions first.

So don’t ignore them: talk, listen and share - you’ll be amazed by how many others are sat right there with you.

So, talk to me 💡

Illustration by Arman Hossain and Colleen Cameron, at the Noun Project


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