Hello, I’m Back

April 14, 2022

Why am I here and what do I want?

I don’t sell subscriptions, I don’t promote products, I have no ads, brand partnerships, workshops or TINMEN2022 discount codes for you.

This channel is not particularly great for my popularity either.

It’s alienated me from people in my life, my own family, and often draws in people who are less than fans of my work.

It’s an account that’s been a huge investment of time, money and emotional labour for me, and whilst I see others on this platform finding ways to monetise and build enviable careers, that will likely never be an option for me.

It’s not an option, because I’ve decided to be honest, rather than popular.

‘Statistics on female sexual abusers! Sponsored by Gillette’, doesn’t have the best ring to it, does it?

But I enjoy this place.

I love creating this content, I love having the creative autonomy, free of client wants and social pressure, and I love engaging with you, the community.

And I like a challenge, I am highly competitive, committed and don’t give up easily.

At the same time, I am also confused, upset and angry, that no matter how compelling the data I present, no matter how compassionate the words, or aesthetically pleasing the content – I’ll always be shunned, cast out, scoffed at and shadow banned.

What’s more confusing, is that none of this lines up with what I’ve been taught.

For I am a man who is told I’ve had ‘my say’ for millennia, that I write the rules, the laws and start the wars, I hold power and I’m in control of everything.

Yet I feel like I am the one swimming against the mainstream of discussion.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

However – change is happening. I can see it.
But there’s much more to do.

So how do we do better here?
How do we change more minds?
How do we widen compassion?

What works for you?

Images by
Marin Mayer, Asal, Mathias PR, Jackob Owens, B visuals from Unsplash.


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