Feminism + Therapy

August 3, 2021

Boys can cry and men can talk. The supposed silver bullet to the epidemic of men’s deteriorating mental health.

Who’d of thought… the male mental health crisis has divided, stumped and upturned the psychology industry for years, and yet a sassy teenager has gone and solved the whole god damn problem with their quippy and virtuous hashtag.


Except they haven’t.

Because men *do seek help* and yet, they still take their own lives.

In fact a recent 2021 study by psychologist Amy Chandler, found that 91% of middle aged men who died by suicide *had sought help.*

And with this, a new question has emerged:
Do we need to rethink the way therapy works for men and boys?

And more so, are parts of therapy becoming anti male altogether?

Just open the APA’s new guidelines of how to treat boys and men, and you’ll start to see vague ideological viewpoints such as ‘patriarchy’ appearing in place of evidence based scientific approaches.

Or just ask the men in Australia who quit therapy, the majority saying it’s because they lack a connection with their therapist.

So I want to share this 2021 study, which surveyed more than a hundred therapists to see where they stood on masculinity, patriarchy and social constructivism…

Source: https://tinyurl.com/4zmxrzu3

Images by mark-adriane from Unsplash


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