F**k The Law

September 4, 2021

Imagine a world where a male porn star could joke about wanting to r*pe a thirteen year old girl.

Imagine a podcast host who said they’d be “proud” of both of them if he did.

Imagine watching as those around the table nodded in agreement that this shouldn’t even be considered statuary r*pe, because it’s somehow consensual.

It’s quite clear to me that our society is utterly devoid of compassion for boys, and our perspective of sexual assault survivors completely detached from reality.

And I can’t go on hiding my absolute disappointment in so called ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ newspapers that continue to ignore such stories because it contradicts their narrow and ideologically driven political viewpoint.

Papers that I grew up loving and who taught me to love. Who showed me the power of compassion, decency and truth.

Yet fall into cowardice and ignorance the moment this truth becomes a little too inconvenient for their liking.

And this isn’t just the once, it happens again, and again, and again.

Utter silence, always.

Where is the @guardian, where is @the.independent, where is the @dailymirror?

Where are our sexual violence advocates?

Where are our so called Social Justice Warriors?

Where are our guardians of morality now?

What happened to your voice? It was so loud not that long ago.

That quiet knocking at the door of your closed mind, that small mouse like voice that wonders, ‘maybe I’m not the solution after all’, well it’s time you let that in.

And why do I have to resort to trashy papers like The Sun to see these stories get any sort of coverage?

What a joke.


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