End Violence Fatherlessness

March 15, 2021

Whilst those in the gender wars continue to divide us, I wanted to share my thoughts on a big way that I think we might bring down violent crime.

It’s called fatherlessness – and it’s links to behavioural issues and violent conduct in boys is increasingly well documented and understood.. yet ignored.

The same phenomenon was shown through the Donohue–Levitt theory 30 years ago, which demonstrated that violent crime in America took a nose dive when women won reproductive control a generation earlier (more here #ttmdonohuelevitt).

Donoghue and Levitt proposed that allowing women to choose if or when they became a mother, helped ensure they were committed and financially stable parents, able to raise healthy and happy children.

So would giving men reproductive control help too - and what might that look like?

Or what about ending the ongoing smear campaign against dads? Or even against men and masculinity in general?

Or maybe it’s time to expose the three MP’s who slandered fathers in the 1990s, when they successfully lobbied British Government to abolish fathers rights?

How can we fix fatherlessness?
How can we solve violent crime?

Complex problems have complex answers, so let’s do the work.

(And no, sharing, liking and supporting divisive content that compares men to killer bees, sharks, venomous ticks, or poisoned sweets is not doing the work.)




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