End Of Men

February 14, 2022

We’re repeatedly told our society is one built by men, for men, and to their own advantage.

To live as a man is to live on ‘easy mode’ - an astute observation based on nothingness.

Because the tax funded committees, initiatives, political strategies and Governmental departments – that are all there to support women – do not exist for men.

Not one.

Despite men living shorter and sicker lives, there is no ‘Office on Mens Health’. Regardless of men making up more than 90% of workplace deaths, the is no ‘Men’s Bureau’ within the Department for Labor.

Right now – automation is causing an epidemic of male unemployment across America, but the programme for ‘Work and Opportunities for Men’ is not a thing, like it is for women.

And even though men are the primary victim of violent crimes, the Office on Violence against Men, exists only in your imagination.


Joe Biden did not announce the ‘Biden Agenda for Men’, neither did Obama, nor does the UK Government have any public strategy for ‘Tackling Violence Against Men & Boys’.

It’s a strange ‘patriarchy’ we live in, considering there are no politicians who openly advocate for our men and boys, and not one gendered law to help them.

And so the obscene theory of patriarchy falls flat on its face like a clown slipping on a banana skin – but the world is too afraid to laugh.

But then comes @andrewyang

A former presidential candidate and founder of the Forward Party, who finally IS talking about men and boys, a refreshing and reassuring voice that we all desperately need.

Finally a voice to talk about men’s lacking education, employment, wellbeing and the deaths of despair that are paid as a consequence…

And this is what he’s got to say:

Read the full WaPo article here https://tinyurl.com/2p8uvkt2
End of Men, the Atlantic https://tinyurl.com/2p8fcnrx

Images by Sam Burriss, Harry Cao, Jason Leung, Nathan Dumlao. Tyrel James and Zhengtao Tang from Unsplash


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