Eating The Forbidden Fruit

October 24, 2021

For me, the fact that so few post about men’s issues is a mixed blessing.

Of course, it probably won’t win you any accolades, applause, or praise from society.

In fact you’ll find yourself viewed through eyes of cynicism; to be disproportionately scrutinised, examined, doubted and mischaracterised, accused of treachery, and often resisted at every step.

Most will be cautious to share, follow or speak openly in support, and understandably so.

So building a community will be an uphill struggle, with many mountain trolls encountered on the way.

However, on the flip side – the lonely road is one of untouched beauty and unplundered treasure.

There’s so much to talk about, so many paths to tread, so many forbidden fruits to be plucked and tasted, and tales to be told.

Everything is original, unique and surprising.

It’s an endless, unharvested crop of fascinating ideas and little known truths.

Of course I am not perfect in my journey, this is a discovery and learning process for me also.

But I’m glad to have you all here, and thank you for joining me on this trip into the forbidden forest of outcast politics.


Images – landon-parenteau, veeterzy and zoltan-tasi from Unsplash


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