Easy Righteousness

September 26, 2021

Yesterday I was on my typical stroll around the insta-verse, and stumbled into a repost of Blair Imani’s vibrant and charismatic content.

I found it interesting.

I hadn’t seen her before or encountered her content, we’d certainly never spoken - so I clicked through to her page and bam, I’m blocked.

Has anyone else encountered this?

This bizarre world of self anointed ‘intellectual’ influencers, and sabre rattling warriors, who lead the vanguard of social justice but immediately put up the walls and raise the draw bridge, when well intentioned discussion arrives.

I wonder if the advocates and revolutionaries of the past were this brittle and inward facing?

I wonder if they plugged their delicate ears with soft fingers too?

For it’s easy to rule a kingdom of your own careful curation, and it’s effortless to orchestrate a choir of voices you’ve picked yourself.

So hit the ball against the wall, score the goal against yourself, dance and cheer, and place the winners crown upon your own head.

And I’m sure it feels good too, I bet it’s quite addictive.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not reality. As in life, things worth having are hard won.

So pat yourself on the back, it’s easy righteousness.


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