Dunbar’s Number – When Company Becomes A Crowd

June 22, 2021

A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. And sadly, if anyone would know the truth behind that - it would be Joseph Stalin.

So how big does a group of human beings have to grow, before it becomes this blurry, dehumanised mass?

When does a face become a dot on a scatter graph?

When do we, as humans, start to drift apart and care less about one another?

A million people? 50,000? One hundred?

Well, legendary anthropologist Robin Dunbar got the ball rolling with #DunbarsNumber, which although contested provides some interesting food for thought.

Largely - can this rule reshape and redefine advocacy?

Is the compassion we look for not held within the endless cells of a spreadsheet, but the cells of a singular human heart?

Is it time we revisited the power and sanctity of the individual?

Is it time we talked about the male experience too?

Illustrations by Friedemann A, The Icon Z and Oksana Latysheva


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