Domestic Violence Is Not A Gendered Crime

February 11, 2021

Abused men have nowhere to go – and I really do mean nowhere.

America has just two refuges for male survivors of domestic violence. London has none. In fact, in 2018 the whole of England had only 20 beds dedicated for male survivors, with 3,600 for abused women.

Whilst Earl Silverman who ran Canada’s only refuge for men (out of his own home and with his own money), had it closed down and subsequently killed himself.

So no, there is no space for abused men and this is despite overwhelming research that shows domestic violence is *not a gendered crime*.

You don’t have to believe me, as these are the words of Erin Pizzy, the founder of the oldest and largest abuse refuge on the planet and they are ignored.

They are the words of world leading expert, who literally wrote the book on domestic violence research, Professor Murray Strauss, and they are ignored.

They are the words of Susan Steinmetz, the former Director of the Family Research Institute at Indiana University and Purdue University, and get are ignored.

And they are the words of the late Professor Richard Gelles, whose pioneering research on domestic violence saw him publish 24 books and 100 articles, and they are ignored too.

In fact, all of these people have not only been ignored, but experienced genuine death and bomb threats from the so called equality movement.

So when will this change? When will the hostility and ignorance end? Are we ready to finally talk about all victims of abuse?

No, this is not the time to for men to just cry, it is the time for them to demand change.


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