Domestic Abuse – Factoids From Nowhere

May 11, 2022

Domestic violence is tragic enough without needing to lie about it. And the statistics are shocking in themselves, without embellishment or total fabrication.

And yet, so much of our conversation around the issue is splattered by baseless ‘facts’, bizarre claims and straight up lies.

Worse, with such a sensitive issue, nobody wants to be the one who says ‘ahem, can you prove it?’

This quiet voice is too easily drowned out by the mob – ‘shut the fuck up incel! This isn’t about you. Stop minimising women!’

So get your Tweet on and fire up the ‘gram.

We’re in the business of what feels good and looks right – the world of scientific evidence and reputable data? Yuk!

But reality is often ugly.

And the truth is rarely popular - so what are the myths you’ve seen in the conversation of #domesticviolence.

Gelles: The use, abuse and misuse of social science data

50 DV myths, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting


Images Gradienta from Unsplash



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