Does Feminism Help Men Too?

March 28, 2022

No caption today, as I need all 2,200 characters for my sources – which I suppose is kind of the point.

Men get longer prison sentences
96% of police killings
85% of the homeless
87% of homeless deaths
75% of suicides
81% of homicides
96% of the incarcerated
92% of workplace deaths
94% of detained children
70% of alcohol deaths
72% of drug deaths
97% of military deaths
62% of sexuality based hate crime victims
<1% of abuse refuge
Fathers losing contact with children
Gay men less accepted
Men work longer hours
Male Conscription
Lower marks for the same work
Higher death rates (US)
Equal rates of abuse
900,000+ US men sexually assaulted in prison
Undernourished boys
Male Circumcision
Women dominate ⅔ of university courses
Boys behind in all areas of education
Male rape survivors erased by law
Unequal pension ages
Discrimination in housing markets
Men live shorter lives everywhere
Fathers without rights
Fathers without parental leave
Men ‘enjoy’ being raped
One in six men sexually abused
More likely to become critically ill with COVID
Men dominate just 2 careers expected to grow most

Images by Chris Burns, Bruce Mars from Unsplash.


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