Disposable Masculinity

February 25, 2022

Half of our retelling of history, and its relation to gender, is missing.

We rightly talk about how women were suppressed historically, unfairly seen as less competent or able as men, withheld from work and when married, restricted from full financial independence.

But we never talk about the price of disposability that men paid as a result.

Because - if a nail needs hitting with a hammer, we’ll send the men. If a hole needs digging miles beneath the earth, we‘ll send the men.

And if innocent people need defending from a monstrous tyrant, we send the men too.

Throughout history working men have laid the brick, sewers and railways of society, they traversed the oceans and dug the mines; their bodies are buried within China’s Great Wall, beneath the pyramids and line the silent shores of Normandy.

Their sacrifices are markers to some of history’s hardest times, too easily forgotten, until it repeats.

The Guardian https://tinyurl.com/4wh5xkmt
Image by quaritsch-photography from Unsplash


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